English Department

  • Lynnette Copeland
    (403) 527-3371 Ext 7240

  • Bea Coreas
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  • Ricky Hildebrand
    (403) 527-3371 Ext 7508

  • Patty Hinman
    (403) 527-3371 Ext 7231

  • Jennifer Konczak
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  • Michael Seitz
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  • Tammy Vaari
    (403) 527-3371 Ext 7237

Medicine Hat High School's English Department is committed to providing students with quality instruction and learning activities that encourages them to become creative and critical thinkers and effective communicators. Literature and other texts allow us to explore the human condition. English is a curriculum of discovery, and in that discovery process, we encourage our students to listen, think, speak, and write critically, personally, and creatively about important issues they read through novels, memoir, poetry, short stories, film, current events, and other important readings. 

The department offers three sequences from which to choose in the pursuit of your diploma: The English dash 2 sequence, the English dash 1 sequence, and the English dash 1 AP sequence.

Further, we are pleased to offer an optional Creative Writing course, new for the 2016-17 school year.