First Nations Metis and Inuit Education (FNMI)

  • Krisit Lie
    (403) 527-3371 Ext 7601

  • Deb Lloyd
    (403) 527-3371 Ext 7601

Krisit Lie FNMI Family School Liaison Worker

MHHS FNMI Office 403-527-3371 ext 7601

 Medicine Hat High School Room 601. 

  • Begining of the year orientations
  • Family support through school and home visits
  • Frequent student contact
  • Culturally Enhanced Tutoring program focus on Cultural Competencies
  • Work closely with FNMI teacher on special programs

  • Academic Support: students at MHHS can access one-on-one and small group support with organization, study skills, and assignment completion from the FNMI FSLW. Traditional counseling is also available. Parents must provide consent.
  • Resources for Teachers: curriculum support across subjects and cultural activities to facilitate cultural capacity building, special programs supported by FNMI include History in the Hills and Walking With Kokum.
  • Resources for Families: we offer traditional counseling based on the medicine wheel paradigm, support accessing community services and FNMI Advisory Committee involvement. Contact Kristi for many other resources. The FNMI Advisory Committee provides an opportunity to have direct input into FNMI Education in our District, as well as a chance to meet with other families and special guests. Please visit with Kristi to find out more!

FNMI Advisory Committee:

The FNMI Advisory Committee consists of students, parents, elders, school staff, administrators and community members interested in the education of FNMI students.  This committee plays a vital role in assisting FNMI staff in setting the direction and determining the future programs of FNMI Education.

Bannock suppers!

Next FNMI Advisory Committee Meeting is November 12, 2014 The meeting format is a 5:30 supper with meeting to follow, contact FNMI staff  for more information.


Christmas Dreamcatcher program is now booking call Deb Lloyd @ 8514 to book in!


Cultural Competencies - enhancing traditional ways of knowing

Students and families will have the opportunity to visit sacred sites as a group to enhance family knowlege in traditions of the people of the area. We will visit sites like Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, Blackfoot Crossing and Writing on Stone Park.

Students will be able to take part in cultural events like History in the Hills and Walking With Kokum.

See photos from the event

Culturally Enhanced Tutoring Program

MHHS Students can assist for work experience hours! Wednesdays 3:30-5 pm until May 7, 2014

This program is based on Medicine wheel teachings, the 7 Sacred gifts and other traditional ways of knowing.  It provides tutoring for Grades 3-7 are tutored in a Culturally enhanced setting: Students are peer tutored by Aboriginal youth, teachers and parents.

Students celebrate a seasons greetings special event on December 17 in conjuction with the FNMI Advisory Committee. Student work will be showcased and they will help parents to make similar crafts!! Great fun for all!!!

Students helping Students!
Teachers helping Students!

Based on the Medicine Wheel these students recieve homework help, a snack, physical activities, and traditional ways of knowing processes.

"Education Is Our Buffalo" passed down by an unknown Elder

Walking with Kokum

The Walking With Kokum Program occurs each fall with field trips to Elkwater during the month of September. Teachers can book in June or early in September to get in this program!

Set in the peaceful Cypress Hills at Elkwater Stampede Archeological dig or History in the Hills Site

Take a Hike!!! Walk with Kokum Lloyd and Learn about traditional Aboriginal Ways:

Students will be walking along the creek-bank and up vision quest hill where students may learn about healing practices, plants used in healing, harvesting medicines, storytelling, legends, the medicine wheel.

This is a full day-trip

This is a full day-trip, students will require a snack and a lunch, a bag to sit on, a warm coat. Proper footwear will be a must. Students walk along the creek they must have appropriate footwear and long pants.

Pre and Post Activities

FNMI Education will provide introductory lessons on worldview in the legacy room and will follow up with a culminating activity based on previous lessons.


History in the Hills

First week of June an Annual Event Celebrating Culture and History of the Cypress Hills: Traditional Blackfoot Territory

History in the Hills is a huge event that serves over 2000 students from all over Canada! Check out our photo gallery!

History in the Hills was founded by Medicine Hat School District teacher, Deborah Lloyd and Dr. Gerald Oetelaar and is rooted in the University of Calgary's Archeological studies and the wealth of histroy of First Nations peoples in the area. The event is combined with interpretations from histroy of the newcomers, the Western European cultures and the emerging Metis culture.

The new History in the Hills board is in place! Members: Dr. Linda Rossler, Wes King-Hunter, Deborah Lloyd,Gary and Shirley Hirsekorn.

A Cultural Extravaganza! A major production of: Aboriginal History and Culture!

History in the Hills is a rich academic opportunity for students to experience! Participants will celebrate Aboriginal culture from an historic perspective in the beautiful Cypress HillsInterprovincial Park, Alberta. The goal of History in the Hills is to take visitors back in time to ancient times in Cypress Hills country. It showcases First Nations cultures (Blackfoot, Nakoda/Assiniboine, and Cree) and Metis culture. Experience the Northwest Mounted Police and discover their role circa 1870. At the archeological dig site archeologists (University of Calgary) take visitors back over 8000 years with proof of Aboriginal inhabitation and provide evidence of the changes that occurred within that environment. Visitors learn about environmental awareness and respect, and are educated on the flora and fauna of the area. They also have a chance to sample Native fry bread (bannock), observe preparation of traditional foods and watch hide tanning demonstrations. Visitors will have an opportunity to take part in a traditional round dance, see how to raise a teepee and play some traditional games.



FNMI Photos

Powwow Club: Dance Drum and Sing

In partnership with History in the Hills Society Students learn cultural traditions and become accomplished dancers,...

Dream Catcher Conference

Each fall Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton has a conference for Aboriginal youth which we send a delegation of students...