Modernization Updates

CommTech room as of March 17

Check out the view from the south end of the learning commons upstairs looking towards the lovely walkway outside our cl...

Check out the new gym!

Check out the opening tip-off on the first game played in the new renovated MHHS gym.   Big thanks goes out to all o...

New Gymnasium Reno Pics as of January 19, 2017

Have you been wondering what the amazing new gym is going to look like?  Well, wonder no are the latest pi...

Cos and CommTech labs are getting their first paint coats

Ms. Atkison is showing how big the new Makerspace will be in the classroom just outside the new CommTech/Robotics/Networ...

Learning Commons views of Cos/CommTech

You can see the new views into/out of the Learning Commons to/from Cos and Commtech.

Cos and CommTech are drywalled

Check out the views into the Learning Commons and the Cos/CommTech classrooms which border the new walkway (which is bei...

November 24th Learning Commons Pics

This latest set of pictures features the views into the Learning Commons, but you can still see the progress being made...

November 24 Performing Arts Reno Update

November 24th pics of the reno

Performing Arts Early Reno Pics

Early pics of the Performing Arts renovations

Welding Renos Very Close to Done

With the massive renovation happening to MHHS, the Fabrication/Welding lab is looking better every day. The booths are i...

Cosmetology Reno Pictures as of November 21

Check out the latest pictures of the newly drywalled and windowed Cos space!

Cosmetology Renos pre-November 21

These are the Cosmetology lab's first images.  They include views into the new Learning Commons space as well.

Construction Reno as of November 21

These are the latest pics.  Check out the changes!

CommTech Renovation Updates

Notice the light, the windows, the views into the Learning Commons and across to the Science wing!  This space is going...

Modernization Updates-Editing Luke

MHHS Alumni and Visual Artist Luke Fandrich (aka editing Luke) recently toured our school and the construction zone. He...


Our modernization has begun.  Please check back periodically for new photos of our journey.

Modernization has begun. Estimated completion September 2017

The plans for MHHS's upcoming renovation can be viewed at the SD76 website, but if you want to see some of the images d...