Welcome to the Medicine Hat High School FAQ's Page for Work Experience!

Who may participate in Work Experience?

  • Any MHHS student in grade 10, 11, or 12 who has a job during the school year, or a position during the summer months, or who volunteers, can sign up for Work Experience. Grade 9's who will attend MHHS for Grade 10 can also register for the summer following their graduation from Grade 9.

What do I need to do?

  • Obtain, complete, and return a work experience contract with learning plan. After processing, the program coordinator will show you how to complete the weekly timesheets, and make sure you have been registered to complete the necessary workplace safety course (HCS 3000).  Following this, you need to submit timesheets every month, get employer and self evaluations done at regular intervals, and do your best at your job. Finally, stay in touch with the program coordinator about any changes to the status of your position or changes to your original registration information.

    How do I earn credits?

    • Students can earn anywhere from 3 to 30 credits during their time in high school.  Credits are based on time worked. Each credit requires 25 hours of work. (for example, 5 credits will require 125 hours of work, 6 credits will require 150 hours, and so on) the minimum number of credits that can be issued in Work Experience is 3 (or 75 hours). Evaluations must also be done every 125 hours in order for Work Experience course marks to be calculated.

    Do I have to get a new job after 20 credits to receive the remaining 3 to 10 available credits?

    • No, but in order to meet the Alberta Education curricular requirements, after 500 hours worked, you must complete a new learning plan in order to receive any additional credits. The new learning plan should include new goals and new skills. This can involve a higher level of skills within the same job description or a move to a new position within the same organization.

    Is there a time limit of when the credits must be completed?

    • No, students' work schedules vary from one student to another and therefore students earn work experience credits on an individual basis. For example, if a student works 10 hours a week, that student will probably earn 10 credits in about 6 or 7 months. It may take another student less time, or more time.

    Can I use more than one job for Work Experience?

    • Yes, the more variety in job experiences, the more likely that students can earn the maximum number of work experience credits. Students can also use two jobs at one time so long as the student has two different employer contracts in place at the same time.

    What are the advantages of being in Work Experience?

    • 15 credits may be used towards earning a high school diploma
    • Qualify for the Work Experience Distinction (Green Cord) Award
    • Better chances of reaching the Credit Distinction (White Cord) Award
    • Knowledge, skills, and attributes gained in the workplace are lifelong
    • Students can continue to work without having to alter their timetables
    • A good employment experience and positive employer evaluations can build your resume' and portfolio
    • WCB insurance is provided for all participating students through Alberta Education

    Can I use a job in the summer for Work Experience?

    • Yes, students could have 4 summers that can be used for work experience - the summer after grade 9, 10, and 11, and even the summer after grade 12 is possible if the student wishes to complete a set of credits.

    Can volunteer work be considered Work Experience?

    • Yes, the same criteria is used. Students often combine a paying job with volunteer work. There must also be a regular supervisor within the volunteer organization that will be responsible for completing student evaluations.

    Can volunteer hours be combined?

    • Yes, volunteer hours can be accumulated over three years.

    How do I sign up?

    • Obtain, complete, and return a work experience contract with learning plan (students cannot be in work experience and count hours until the district contract is completed and handed in).

    What do I need to do after signing up?

    • Complete and pass (minimum of 50% required) the HCS 3000 pre-requisite online safety course.
    • Submit signed timesheets monthly during the school year and in September for the summer months.
    • Hand in evaluations (employer forms and student forms) after every 125 hours worked. It is the students' responsibility to ensure the completion of these forms.
    • If you are in grade 12, your final timesheet and evaluation forms need to be handed in by the last day of regularly scheduled classes in June.
    • Stay in contact with the program coordinator on a regular basis to update them on any changes to your employment status, such as: new job skills, new duties, workplace issues or problems, or any changes to your original registration information.

    For further information please contact:
    Coordinator Admin. Assistant Darren Klein Denise Yates Cell # 403 581 4851 Office: 403 527 3371 ext. 7112 Office: 403 527 3371 ext. 7121 Email: darren.klein@sd76.ab.ca Email: denise.yates@sd76.ab.ca

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