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Registered Apprenticeship Program Information

RAP is an opportunity for a focused student to get a jump start on a career in the trades through building their skill-set and accumulating hours towards their bluebook. Most trades take approximately 1400 hours to advance a level. This program allows young people the chance to start to accumulate those hours needed to complete their year one or two of their apprenticeships. There are over 50 certified trades in Alberta that students can apprentice in and every hour can count.

  • The process of becoming qualified as a tradesperson. Your employer agrees to train you and you agree to work for your employer. The "Blue Book" is used to document your hours. You keep track of your hours and training, and report these hours to Apprenticeship and Industry Training, as well as, the school. For certification, classroom training at technical institutes, or colleges is also a part of this process. You must accumulate a specific number of hours in your "Blue Book" before you are eligible to take the next level of education required for certification.

A RAP student needs to be on track to graduate! It is recommended that a student complete the full CTS program of the trade they are interested in if it is offered at their school (Carpentry, Mechanics, Welding, etc.). Any of our CTS programs are looked upon favorably by the industry and can help facilitate a career placement. Students are welcome to look for their own jobs accessing their own contacts. However, occasionally the industry does look to the school for candidates for this program. When this happens students that are recommended need to be in good standing at school, and their attitude and a teacher reference may be considered before they are put forward.


  • A fully qualified tradesperson who successfully completed his of her apprenticeship, including a specific number of work hours and classroom courses. It is a journeyman who will train apprentices in their trade.

If a student is accepted into RAP, the school coordinator will assist in bridging the gap between school and the industry to help you determine a schedule that will facilitate success. This program is all about hours and the experience. The sooner you can find a job placement the sooner you can start learning. In the trades you learn to do by doing and that is what RAP does for you!

The student may work as an intern in the trade and can complete 125 hours (5 credits). As an intern, there is no obligation of pay from the employer. After the 125 hour internship, the employer can decide whether they want to indenture the student. This means that the employer will keep the student on and begin to count their hours toward their fist year apprenticeship. Once the student is indentured, the employer must agree to pay the student at least minimum wage while he or she works for them. This is the point in the program when the student will apply to Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training for their Apprenticeship "blue book". Student will log their hour so that by the time they are done Grade 12, they have completed their minimum goal of 1000 hours towards the first year of their Apprenticeship.

Blue Book:

  • A very important log-book in which the apprentice keeps track of his of her hours in the trade, periodically showing the book to Apprenticeship and Industry Training as proof of hours. A certain number of hours must be accumulated before the apprentice is able to take the next level of courses required for certification.

The school coordinator monitors RAP students through work site visits and provides feedback and evaluation forms throughout the process. RAP is a wonderful opportunity for student who know their career path to get a jump start in the trades as well as a great opportunity for hardworking students to try different trades and hopefully find a good fit for them.

RAP Checklist (to do's)

  • find a work location that has a journeyman working in the trade you are interested in
  • obtain, complete, and return a contract with a duty sheet
  • complete and pass (minimum of 50% required) the pre-requisite HCS 3000 online safety course
  • submit signed timesheets monthly during the school year and in September for the summer months
  • meet with the coordinator after the first 125 hours worked to discuss and determine if you are a good candidate for the program
  • hand in evaluations (employer forms and student forms) after every 125 hours worked. It is the students' responsibility to ensure the completion of these forms. The evaluation forms are used to generate the majority of the course grade
  • if you are in grade 12, your final timesheet and evaluation forms need to be handed in by the last day of regularly scheduled classes in June
  • stay in contact with the school coordinator on a regular basis to update them on any changes to your employment status, such as: new job skills, new duties, workplace issues or problems, or any changes to your original registration information

For further information please contact:
Coordinator Admin. Assistant Darren Klein Denise Yates Cell # 403 581 4851 Office: 403 527 3371 ext. 7112 Office: 403 527 3371 ext. 7121 Email: darren.klein@sd76.ab.ca Email: denise.yates@sd76.ab.ca

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