Brenda Nesdoly

Brenda NesdolySo how does a French teacher end up teaching 100% of her time in a computer lab??  After teaching French and English for years, I started experimenting with online program development, teaching and course editing. Learning the skills needed to work in the online environment gave me an interesting background in software; when the CommTech position became available, I was delighted to get it because we use excellent programs here, including the Adobe Creative Suite and the Autodesk Animation Academy! I also wanted to learn more about the insides of the actual computers, so I spent several summers in A+ and CISCO training programs here at Cypress College and in Calgary at SAIT. At about that time, CTS underwent a curriculum change for CommTech as well. This means that the previous 28 CommTech modules were expanded into 58 CommTech courses, with opportunities for students who complete various streams to write ACE exams for Adobe competency and to receive special Pathway Certificates/Credentials for completion of their A+ certification combined with some specific CommTech courses.

Several extremely exciting courses being offered are the courses for our CISCO affiliated Networking Academy. It has in the past extensively used CISCO training for the Networking 1 course for 5 credits, but this is the first year we will offer Networking 2 as a separate class for another 5 credits in semester 2. With the new updated (new this year) CISCO coursework in Networking 1 and 2, completion of all the modules in the two-semester program will help start to prepare students to write their A+ certification exams; students who successfully write these two exams will have entry level qualifications into the IT sector.   In conjunction with some FIT work and CommTech courses, some students may also be eligible for internship programs, special Pathway credentials, etc., so if you are interested, please contact me at 7803 or talk to your counsellor to register.

Spring 2013 saw the addition of Robotics and Computer Science to the lab as well.  The students taking Computer Science/Robotics modules in the introductory program learn basic Java programming using Alice, Greenfoot and Eclipse/BlueJ, and work with practical programming using their NXT robots or EV3 robots. We expand our previous Java programming skills in the intermediate program but also introduce Electronics modules and programming in C++ using Arduinos and RobotC language with the Ev3's. In the advanced programs, we further our work with Arduinos and introduce Raspberry Pi 2 as our final frontier.

With the latest computer updates (Adobe Master Collection CC), lots of new and improved equipment (especially for photography and video, networking and robotics), the only dual screen computers for students in the school, my latest training in Computer Science, and the CISCO affiliated IT Networking Academy expansion and coursework changes, it's an exciting time to be in the CommTech/Networking/Robotics lab!

One major job of Mrs. Nesdoly's page is to keep you in the loop about CommTech news.  Great news from Alberta Education this year.  MHHS students can access the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application for $45 CAD for 1 year of access.  At this time the website is live, and students can access the program to purchase a subscription by going to the following link and following the steps described there to purchase a yearly subscription:  You will need your student email account and an online payment method.