Jennifer Konczak
Gimli, mentor and mascot

I cultivated a passion for reading and words early in life. When my world became too big or too empty, books filled the void. For me, there's no better company than words printed upon pages: Words that echo with meaning and impact.  It is this passion that led me to a career in English language and literature education, which brings together my joy for literature and language and my goal of lifelong learning. 

I have been teaching high school English since 1999 and cannot imagine a more fulfilling profession. 

To quote bestselling author Pat Conroy. “The world of literature has everything in it, and it refuses to leave anything out. I have read like a [wo]man on fire my whole life because the genius of English teachers touched me with the dazzling beauty of language." 

My hope is that I, too, can ignite in others a joy for reading and for writing. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree with an honours in English, a Bachelor of Education degree, and a Master of Education in curriculum, teaching and learning.