Lindsay Poloni

Support Staff - City of MH

403-527-3371 Ext. 7609
About Me

I am a Community Resource Worker with the City of Medicine Hat and have lived in Medicine Hat for the past 8 years. I am a Registered Social Worker, I have completed my Bachelor of Social Work through the University of Calgary and my Bachelor of Arts (Major: Sociology) through the University of Saskatchewan. I have worked previously in the areas of Career and Employment Advising, Preventing Youth Homelessness, Family Support, Sexual Assault Information and Support, Early Childhood Developmental Screening and Parenting Support.

As a Community Resource Worker, I work with students, teachers, families, and community members to build and sustain a vibrant, healthy, safe, and responsive community. I provide referrals, support and guidance to individuals and/or families to appropriate agencies/organizations to meet their needs. I am also fortunate to work with other schools in the community and especially in the Southeast Hill community.

If you or anyone you know is in need of support and guidance to find out what resources and services are available in the community, please do not hesitate to connect with me. As a Community Resource Worker, one of my responsibilities is to be connected and updated on all agencies and organizations in the community to assist with appropriate referrals.