Rhonda Hunter

Teachers - Library/LSP/Learning Coach, Club Advisors - Youth for Environmental Sustainability

(403) 527-3371 ext. 7254
About Me

Since writing a biography is very difficult, I decided to asked my grade 9 class what they would say about me. I am very humbled by their answers, and am aware that the half who probably describe me in a different way didn't respond!
"Ms. Hunter is the current MHHS librarian. She is an optimistic and intelligent and a joy to be around. She teaches digital citizenship and you can tell she has a passion about it by the way she expresses herself in this class.
Ms Hunter is a teacher who teaches the Digital Citizen class. She is very nice and enthusiastic and can make the work fun.
She is very nice and calm.
She likes books and is the school librarian.
She enforces the rules and is kind about it.
She is very respectable, kind, a proud grandparent, good teacher."