Darren Klein

Teachers - Math, Coaches - Hawks Football/Wrestling/Track & Field

403-527-3371 ext. 7403
About Me

Having completed my grade school just down the road in Brooks, I later attended the University of Lethbridge where I earned my BA and then my BEd. Athletics and the outdoors have always been important to me and I enjoy providing these experiences to the youth of our community. Coaching football with the Hawks and having created the wrestling team that is also called the Hawks are two of the main opportunities that students can pursue with me. When the weather turns warm each spring I am also outdoors with the track team as I am the Throws coach for our team! Pursuing the best that best that you can be and pushing yourself to new limits are just some of the opportunities that you can pursue by getting involved with my programs! I do not have try outs and these teams are extremely fun to be a part of! So whatever the season choose to get involved and explore the possibilities!!!