Sheldon Regier

Teachers - Social Studies Department Head, Club Advisors - Grad Executive Advisor

403-527-3371 ext. 7505
About Me

I've been teaching at Hat High since ... well, let's just say it was a long time ago.  And even longer ago, I was a student at and graduate of MHHS.  This school has been a big part of my life.  I met my wife here when I was in Grade 11, I love working here now, and I particularly enjoy teaching Social Studies.  I'm a bit of a news junkie, and there's not much I enjoy more than analyzing and discussing the social and political issues of the day.  The most gratifying part of my job is when I see students develop a similar interest, and become more informed, engaged, and responsible citizens.  When I was a student, my favourite part of Social Studies was learning about historical events, so I'm really happy to be part of bringing AP History to Hat High in 2015-16.  Outside of class, I've been involved in a number of co-curricular activities over the years, but the one I've stuck with the longest is working with over 20 (and counting) graduating classes to help them plan and organize their graduation festivities.