Sue Withers

Administrators - Vice-Principal, Club Advisors - Rotary Interact Club

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About Me

Out of the 32 years that I have been an educator, 23 of those years have been at MHHS. For the first 4 of those years, I was in the science department teaching chemistry, physics, and grade 10 science.  After that I was a guidance counsellor for a number of years before taking on the role of vice-principal for over 9 years.  Regardless of the different roles that I served as an educator at this school, my time at Hat High has been a great experience as I got to know, work with, and appreciate the students, staff members, parents, and community members throughout the years.  Our vision, as a school community, is "creating enthusiasm for life-long learning".  We are pleased and proud that we can offer a vast array of academic and complementary courses as well as a tremendous variety of extra and co-curricular programs in which students can participate.  We are also excited about the modernization of our building, which has already started in our CTS wing and will move on to other parts of the school.

My role changed from VP to acting principal for Mr. Boris Grisonich in 2015-2016.  Mr. Grisonich was at Central Office filling a temporary contract in Human Resources.  My time as acting principal of such a large school in a modernization transition was challenging, but rewarding!

As a vice-principal, I continue to look forward to working alongside a wonderful staff as we provide our students with tremendous learning opportunities and experiences, while celebrating our students' successes and achievements.